Love live mail-hate messenger- how can I...?

I tried to download live mail alone and ended up with that plus messenger and the entire live essentials suite. Messenger is a real pest-I hate it and it won't leave me alone. Cannot uninstall the crap I don't want without also uninstalling mail. Will this lose my email settings, contacts, and archives? How can I then intsall Windows Live Mail by itself?- Thanks


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If you run the Live installer again, the window will pop up and you will have the opportunity to deselect items you don't think you need. Doesn't take too long.

I,ve attached the .exe in zipped format for your convenience.

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When I installed it there were check boxes by each and I unchecked the ones that I didn't want.

When I installed it there were check boxes by each and I unchecked the ones that I didn't want.

So did I, but it downloaded everything anyway


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It will download all, but not install any unticked items.

If it did install more than mail you go into control panel, programs and features, highlight windows live essentials, click on uninstall/change, leave uninstall marked with the dot, click continue, check them all but mail and uninstall them.

I downloaded Live mail but didn't check Messager and it didn't install it. By the way I really like Live mail also.

Live messenger is a pesky little sob. Once you run it, it decides you want it all the time. You have to run Msconfig / startup and uncheck it. .. or run startupmonitor and it will popup a box to let you opt out of loading it at startup.... should you occasionally want to use messenger.

Back to the Live Email subject... here is some info that will eventually make it into my bogs:

Delete email from server after Live Email runs

By default Live email does not delete email from your email provider. Eventually
your mail box will get FULL and you will will say "WTF where is my spam?" Finding
this option is confusing because it's under individual email accounts. To set
it to delete your email after downloading, right click on your email account name -
over inbox. Select Properties, Advanced then uncheck the box that says leave
copy on server. I will attach an image.
Note: You still need to log onto your email server online and delete the email
that has been left since you installed Live Email. Flipping the switch only
starts deleting from that time forward.

Oh.. I couldn't load the image without using the quote feature... I'll attach it here.


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My server provides the option anyway. I have been using the same server for many years, so do not know if this is a common server Email feature. But I leave the indicated box on default, as it makes little difference in my case.

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