Low audio on gamer headset but audio to computer works fine.

Yesterday when I got home I could not get my headset working on my PC. It's a USB headset (Tritton AX720) but it works perfectly on my Xbox 360. There is sound coming from the headset but it is really quiet. My speakers to my computer work fine, it's just when I plug the headset in I'm not getting sound. I was working on it for about an hour last night and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. So far I've tried to make it my default audio device, I did a system restore to a few days ago, and messed with the setting a little bit. This headset has worked on my PC for about 6-8 months up until yesterday. By the way my audio for my computer is still working perfectly. It is only when I plug my headset in that it isn't working properly. I'm completely lost on what is wrong. Any ideas?


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What are you trying to listen to? If it's a media player for example BSplayer, the equalizer might have gotten messed up. Go into options of any player and reset all to default and tell us if that helped.

To rule out that the headphones just "died" on you, or that the headset jack is worn or broken, try with another headset on your computer and also try yours on a different computer. (You'll have to borrow one I guess. If you have iphone ear-sets, they should work too).

Does this happen when you plug the headphones in the front and back? (Try both and tell us).

Some other things to try:

1. Go to the computer manufacturer site and download and re-install the high def audio drivers. (I know it's only a headset issue but try it).

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