Windows 7 Low framerate in Warcraft 3


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May 30, 2009
Hello there.

I just started experiencing a problem when playing Warcraft 3. After I updated my Geforce GTX295 driver to a Windows 7 driver (from the original driver found by Windows itself) .. I looks like I have a too low frame rate when playing the game. It doesn't run smoothly.

I tried to do a driver roll-back, but it didn't work. My other games run flawlessly... so the problem only occurs in Warcraft 3.. Got any suggestions? I tried to run it in compatible mode with both Win XP and Vista... nothing helped... =/

1 thing is weird... it worked fine in the beginning, but not now after the driver update.. not even when I do roll back to the old driver, with which it worked OK in the beginning....

you can only try to run it emulated winXP mode via their virtualisation
(not the compatibility mode, but virtual mode)

or install vmware 6.5 which supports DirectX 9 and install XP inside it and run War3 inside it

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