low res in 32 bits programs in Win7 64bits

Ey guys,

Im experiencing some problems while running 32 bits programs in my Win7 64bits with an ATI HD4650.

Ive set 1920x1080 for Windows but all these programs run in a very low res (at least 1024 :S)

I have the lastest drivers from ATI installed....

Edit: Because my laptop runs in a FullHD res in a 16 inch monitor i had to setup the font ppp to 150%, if i run the 32b program in compatibility mode ticking the option to disable the rescaling of the font, then it works fine... Looks like a problem with font reescaling

Any idea?

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What kinds of 32-bit programs are you running?

Everyone.... Google Chrome, Firefox, etc....


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You say if you set text size to normal the problem goes away?

Yes, exactly, if I set ppp for font to 100% the problem goes away... Moreover looks like to problem only occurs in 32bits applications because all the native windows applications and all the application came with the laptop oem installed works nicely.

That does not make any sense for me :S

Any clue?


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Do you have the latest driver for you graphics card and chipset?

yes, of course, driver 8.6 for ati HD4650


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Did you buy your computer pre-installed with Windows 7, or did you do an upgrade?


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Did you buy your computer pre-installed with Windows 7, or did you do an upgrade?
my computer included win7 when i bought it. sony vaio fw51


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9.12 include 8.6 driver, so yes, ive the lastest driver
Yes but have you actually got the 9.12 driver installed?

I had one program a internet radio player forgot the name that looked terrible in Windows 7 64-bit. It is a 32-bit program so since I don't use it I got rid of it. All of my other 32-bit programs looks fine except for that one. I can't remember the name. Sorry.


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Did your PC come preloaded with all kinds of crapware?

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