M$ ups Inte$ profit by fibbing to YOU

Microsoft boosts Intel profit by squeezing your balls..to let go on Windows 7

Internal email at Microsoft released to public ... (By US Court Judge)

From: John Kalkman
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 11:48 AM
To: Scott Di Valerio
Cc: Jim Totton
Subject: Re: Vista
Att: ...

Attached is the email explaining the decision process and initial outcome with HP. In the end, we lowered the requirement to help Intel make their quarterly earnings so they could continue to sell motherboards with the 915 graphics embedded. cont. ...

It is important that KT understand the decision process, and Jimali not necessarily being in agreement with decision. cont. ...

On suggestions for corrections to ease the customer pain going forward in the near term and long term. There is really nothing we can do in the short term. Express upgrade is almost over.

In the long term we have worked hard to establish and have committed an OEM Theme for Win7 planning.

This was rejected for Vista.
Having this theme puts accountability and early thinking on programs like Capable/Ready so that we make the right decisions early on.

Again to repeat the above more succinctly, it was a mistake on our part to change the original graphics requirements. This created confusion in the industry on how important the aspect of visual computing would play as a feature set to new Windows Vista uprades. We will take this learning into Win7 planning.

Let me know .. cont. ...



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The outcome of the 'Vista ready' case will be interesting and these e-mails just prove that big business is a rather cut-throat and shadowy place...

Microsoft should have told Intel to go to hell..

Microsoft is not in business to boost Intel's quarterly earnings.

Microsoft would rather that THEIR customers were tricked into buying a truck load of 'old' Intel chipsets.

Did AMD have anything??? MS recommend them .. Intel would soon shape up. Intel rides heavily on Windows back. People who want to buy PCs with MS Windows mostly choose ones with Intel chips.


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Just to add comment... AMD said the other week that they wished Intel would advertise more as not only does it raise Intels profits but AMDs too. It appears that Mr and Mrs average go shopping for a pc they choose one that looks nice with a good moniter ect regardless what chip is inside the funny beige box..

I managed to find the article here:
Please advertise more, AMD begs Intel - The INQUIRER

Which is even more why Microsoft should have insisted on chipsets installed on manufacturers PCs that were capable of the 'full' Vista experience .. or look to AMD in the short term.

It rendered the Vista 'update anytime' to useless. If you bought a 'Vista capable' PC with 'Basic', then you could upgrade to 'Premium', but the PC would revert to basic. ie Not Aero, etc.

(Anyway after the 915, the 945 chipset didn't prove the best either!)



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I suppose all this just makes glad I don't buy Intel... I like to support the little guy, plus he does make bloody good chips (at times)

Well with all that said I'm glad I build my own junk.

My wife's Aunt bought a laptop that came with the Vista update cd and she installed it. Two days of bitchin' later called me asking how to "undo it" and I just sit back an smile.

"ain't I a stinker?"
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LOL... What no tips even?

For the record her Aunt and uncle are know it all's and you can't tell 'em nothing.


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