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Hi there good people.

I would just like to you know what you think about my little idea. Well, i am planning to buy a 15ins. Mac Book Pro with installed mac leapord. That would be awesome wouldn't it. I mean, we all 100% Love microsoft and is totaly number one, obviously. considering that i am only aged fourteen and a half. its a pretty expensive thought. Mind, i was then planning to buy windows vista ultimate oem and install that on another partition on the HDD. What do you think. I know you probarbly don't like macs but i'd like to have both.

I was wondering if anybody has allready tried this with mac osx tiger on a mac book pro. Just wondered if it 'd be compatible, thanks guys????

I have a Mac Mini Intel running Tiger with XP in a separate partition. The process was straightforward with BootCamp. I believe Vista presents a more difficult process but has been achieved by someone who has posted on the net. At some point it is expected that Apple will upgrade BootCamp to accommodate Vista with the same ease as XP.

I believe running under Leapord will present no different challenge than Tiger.

If I recall correctly the person who posted on the net said he upgraded from XP to Vista and did not install Vista directly. To find websites addressing this issue check out "Vista and Bootcamp" under Google.

Hi thanks mate for your reply. just wondering in windows xp, is using the apple keyboard a bit strange as i would be using it mainly on the windows boot. Also, does all hardware work ok?? thanks.

Apple Keyboard

I had not noticed a difference in the keyboards but now that you mention it, the special keys along the top of my PC keyboard for mail, search etc. do not appear on the Mac keyboard. Since I never use them I had not noticed. The Fkeys go up to F12 on my PC keyboard but go to F16 on the Mac.. So far I have not tried to do anything with XP on the Mac that I couldn't do. I think I read somewhere that there are certain sound control functions that may be different.


Ray Z.

Hi there. I am delighted with your reply as it has made a big difference to my enqieries. I also just wondered which keys and controls dont work, if any? Does apple key work as windows key? Also does sound card drivers work for windows. Eject button? and also dvd drive? Volume control buttons on keyboard. Just one more thing, the isight camera on windows?? Thankyou very much you have been a great help.

More Keyboard

Here is the result of my checking further:
1. The Apple key appears to have the same function as the Windows key and the Option key on the Mac which is also marked Alt appears to have the same function as the Alt key on the PC. For example, Contol Option(Alt) Delete on the Mac running XP brings up the Task Manager. Furthermore, pressing the Apple(Command) key on the Mac brings up the Start Menu in XP.

2. The volume control in the System Tray affects the sound volume corectly. The volume control buttons on the keyboard cause the slide bar on the System Tray volume control to move up and down having the appropriate control on sound volume.

3. The issue of sound card effects is unknow to me as I have a Mac-Mini with whatever sound card comes in it. If you have a more exotic sound card I do not know if it will work the same

4. Inserting a blank DVD-RW results in the normal Windows response under Computer>DVD-RW. Pressing the Eject key on the keyboard ejects the disk the same as under Mac OS

5. Inserting a TV compatible movie will play under Mac OS as delivered. However, Windows Media Player under XP will not play the same DVD unless you buy a compatible decoder on line that ranges in cost from $15-$30. I would opt just to use the Mac OS to play DVDs unless you have some other agenda.

That's all for now.


Ray Z.

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