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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by ducyspeedfreak, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I did a quick search to see if anyone else asked this but came up with nothing. Here it goes...

    My home network is nearly entirely Mac based (with the exception of a few printers and back up drives). At one point I was able to see my Windows 7 machine on my mac's and visa-versa. But something has happened somewhere (probably in an auto update) where my mac's can't view my Windows 7, and my Windows 7 can't see any of my Mac's.

    Here's what I know...
    - We are all using the same network.
    - Security on all devices has been shut off at one point so that there where absolutely no potential firewall blockings.
    - I found the IP address for the windows 7 computer and told my mac to search for it. Came back with nothing.
    - I can view my NAS device (connected directly to the router) from both my Windows 7 machine and my Mac's.
    - Have restarted all computers and still not able to see the windows 7 machine / macs from anything else.
    - Can view all macs on the network from another mac.
    - Have also set the IP address on the windows 7 machine to static, but still with no effect.

    So that's everything I've got. I've been looking for an answer for a few days now. I just can't seem to let this one go. Anything anyone can suggest would be helpful. This is a problem for me because not only is there a problem working with files, but all of my printers are running off of the macs.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Not being a MAC forum, I'm not sure how much help we can be, I can suggest some options for your Win7 machine(s) first off
    Check and make sure these Services are Started on the Win 7 machine(s)
    DHCP Client
    DNS Client
    TCP/IP Netbios helper
    Computer Browser
    Make sure Network Discovery is turned on, on the Win 7 machines
    Make sure file and printer sharing is enable on both and that local firewalls are supporting it. Temporarily uninstall any third party firewalls or Internet Security Suites that may include some type of Firewall applet.
    Make sure NetBios over TCP/IP is enabled in the properties of IPv4 on you network adapter. And uncheck IPv6 for now.
    Look for Bonjour service and temporarily set it to manual or disable and stop, same with mdnsresponder. Also check services near the top for a peculiar string containing numbers and or special characters, disable and stop
    Also on the Win 7 machine(s) open the Network and Sharing Center and choose Change Advanced Setting and make sure it looks something like this (see attachment)
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