Mac or PC

This is not a Which one is better.
I just want to know what everyone has.
Also it would be nice to say what version you have too.

I own 1 Mac OSX iMac G3 (slow and sturdy)

I also have a few PCs(XP and (98). I play most games on them because I had most of my games before my mac.
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I personally have Vista. I sorta like vista, although the security is a pain in the ass. I've played around with a Mac, and I will admit that I like them. The problem is that most of the rest of the world runs on Microsoft. So even though I probably do prefer Mac, the PC is more useful.


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If you only want to work, perhaps a Mac would be better. Less security hassles..

I use my Mac for my personal needs, but my PC for internet and games.

Between these two only, I use PC. I would consider getting OSX if and only if it was legal to install on non-macs, although I find many features and apps of OSX useless (as I don't do videos, take pictures, webcam chat, etc.) and I hate using media playlists (especially iTunes) of any kind; I'm a winamp "click to play" kind of person.

However, I use Linux Kubuntu the majority of the time, occasionally using Vista to play higher-end games, and to run a couple of programs that Wine will not adequately run at this time. Vista is not a bad OS; it just needs some work under the hood, which Microsoft is promising to do with Windows 7.

I use a Mac at work, but I have a PC at home. I like the Mac better though and am hoping to replace the home computer soon.

use the OS you want for your needs.

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If you only want to work, perhaps a Mac would be better. Less security hassles..
I tend to agree, the wife has a 6 month old 13 inch Mac Book, they thing is great, for a Note Book an I recommend it to any one looking for a reliable portable computer.

We have a 6 year old xp Acer laptop, which is now well beyond it's used by date an now just gathers dust.

An there's this thing, My Vista based PC, I use for gaming an music mostly.

Once windows 7 is on sale, I'll slap anther HDD in this thing an away we go:D

Thats one easy question!


I have used pc since xp. All great. Although i am disapointed by vista i am so happy with 7. I have seen mac but it dosent have the nice feel and stuff of windows.

Also mac dosent even try to sell stuff.

How many adverts are there on tv about macs. None!

How many about pcs (Windows) Quite a few!

Nobody i know owns a mac. They all are with windows and will stay. Mac just dosen't deal as good to pcs.


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Hi! This is interesting, with "Virtual PC" you can play almost anything from a PC on MAC. ( A MAC thinks more like people, a PC is an Alien Mind Totally. Cyberweb Solutions - Mac Vs PC Has the computer made life better? Mostly if you're a student or an acamediac.

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