Mac os on a pc

the other day me and my friend want to see if a Mac OS would working on a pc and it did
after a lot of playing around with the settings.

has anyone else tryed this befor and if so
do you like it?
and would it run good on a Dell LapTop very old Laptop

(sorry if Thread is in the wrong fourm)


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bordering on heracy in my view but it's a nice idea that is ultimately only useful for certain MAC specific applications... as MACs have a hideous games collection, W.O.W. 4 years after it's PC release for example

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thats so true but mac's wasnt made for gaming :D
but mac has some great applications, but thats about it

am more for PC's then Mac's

MAC's are over rate i think

a pc can do everything a mic can but a mac cant do everything a pc can :D

correct grammer My freind and I

lol I hope that's a joke, because it is quite funny although the intent is correct.

Anyhow, I've though about installing a Mac OS for a particular audio tracking application I want to run, but never researched it at all.

It runs stable and well?

hey all sorry for the type o's :D been gone for a bit :D

as for the mac running on a pc, it was stable when at sometimes app's would crash now and then but hey
it tryed its best :D

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