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Had build 9841 running fine w/MacAfee Security running. Updated to build 9860 and MacAfee live protection would not turn on. Contacted forum and was told not to use 3rd party antivirus software. There are still compatibility issues. Removed MacAfee security and windows firewall and defender would not turn on. Had to go back to build 9841 and then windows firewall and defender worked OK. Installed build 9860 again (took 2 tries) and now windows firewall and defender are OK. Note: Did not reinstall MacAfee.


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You do get that windows 10 is only a beta?
Thanks for the heads up, anyway.

p.s. Avast (free) works just fine.

I am fully aware that it is a Beta. It has a lot of security built in that is not in windows 7 and when they are done, you may not need any 3rd party antivirus.
Thanks for the heads up on Avast. I will give it a try


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@lotto 17,
Just to remind you of one thing...... Avast free edition will turn off your Windows Defender.
If in the future you decide to uninstall Avast, make sure WD is turned back on.

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Interesting, thanks. My guess would be that many of the AV programs are not yet adjusted to the latest builds. For testing the 10 Beta version, Defender should be good enough.

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