Windows 7 Macrium Reflect questions


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I plan to buy Macrium Reflect Pro (MR).
I tested latest build 5529 (version 5.1) trial a couple of days now.
Some questions came up ...

I use Windows 7 & Ubuntu 12.10 on a GPT HDD inside a UEFI system.

1. Can I backup the GPT structure of the HDD, meaning I can restore on bare metal?
2. WinPE boot CD seems to backup Windows 7 pagefile and hibernate files. Can someone confirm this?
3. WinPE boot CD seems to backup Linux swap partition completely. Can someone confirm this?
4. Any alternative software to Macrium Refect with similar features?

Regarding 2. and 3., MR doesn't seem to backup pagefile and hibernate files as well as the entire swap partition when starting the backup from Windows7. Did I miss something within the WinPE interface?

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