Magic Iso vs Vertual CD

Hey guys,
I would like to ask, which is better virtual cd or magic iso.

I have tried both of them but I have not noticed any difference, currently im using magic iso, but I kind of miss the VCD interface as well as some of the features.

Could someone please include the differences between them, please note that the features that matter to me the most are, mounting, imaging, CD library, and some others so which is better in terms of imaging discs and managing those images

Thank you in advance ;)


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The basic purpose of each is different. VCD is primarily about using the contents of an ISO file by treating it as if it were an actual CD. Magic ISO is a utility program mainly about creating, extracting and managing the CD image file. So Magic ISO is about manging the images whereas VCD is about using their contents.

Thank you for answering my question ;)

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