magical disapearing folders

ok so i got an interesting problem.
this has happened to me twice
heres the story

i have a dell laptop running win 7 64bit ultimate
it is using a SATA HD
i have hooked it up using ESATA to my desktop machine running vista
i copy a folder full of videos to the laptop HD (G: drive on desktop)
i run one of the videos, all is good....
but then i plug the drive directly back into my laptop and boot to it.
it boots to Win 7, but when i go to browse for my folder its gone. poof into thin air.
i try and access the folder path via explorer by typing in C:\DS9
it tells me the folder doesn't exsist
i try to see if command prompt sees it
it doesn't......

to make matters even more interesting i plug it back into my desktop..... low and behold the folder is there and so are my files.....
i plug it back into my laptop and there gone again.... getting frustrated i plug it back into my desktop and now my desktop machine doesn't see it.....

like i said before this has happened twice......
the 2nd time it happened my laptop DID see the folder but could not access it (it told me that the specified path was invalid)
i reboot the laptop and the folder is gone again

any ideas......
i will try and recreate the issue and if possible recored a vid and post it on youtube

no ideas?
i figured it might be important to say that i attempted to recreate the problem by using a SATA to USB adapter, but everything worked fine

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