Magix software incompatable

All my Magix software will not install on W7....(its all ok on Vista)....

Titles Include .....
Magix Samplitude Music Studio 15 :mad:
Magix Music Maker 15 :mad:
Magix Video 14 :mad:

The error states among other things.....Windows version not supported

I contacted Magix about this , and basically they would not comment on a OS that has not been released ( fair enough ) :eek:

Just thought i would let you all know



Magix Software Compatibility

I have Magix PhotoStory CD/DVD and Photo Designer 6. They would not install directly - I recieved the error that the operating system is not compatible and it would not install. I then ran the install in compatibility mode for Vista and it installed. It takes a while, but it did install and both work just fine. If Vista mode doesn't work, try XP

No Go

Tried the compatability thing....No Go im afraid..............

I just keep getting the "install another version of windows" error.............

Ahh well... guess ill have to wait

Cheers for the response


*EDIT*........Fixed..............Compatabilty Mode w2000....go figure...............Vista and XP-sp2 didnt work

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Same here. I installed Magix Movie Edit 14 in Vista Compatibility, and it installed but when it runs it crawls, very slow, almost non-responsive. I tried creating a movie project, went as far as burning my project to DVD and guess what? It told me I did not have any hardware burner on my computer (and I have two of them.) I revert back to my Vista partition and there the program runs perfectly with no error messages.

However, Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 14 installed and runs just like the way it runs in Vista. Maybe it's because I running the latest build of Win 7 (7022). I installed Magix MP3 Maker deluxe and that, too, under this new build, installed and runs well, just like in Vista. But Movie Edit 14 is still a no go. Emailed Magix and was told the same thing: their programs were designed for Vista.

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