Magnifier Customization

Having used the Intellipoint 5.4 Magnifier tool for the past few years, I'm truly disappointed with Windows 7's Lens Magnifier, which Intellipoint uses instead the older version. The Windows 7 Lens seems to be trying to replicate the old Intellipoint features but it doesn't stack up, namely with the lagging start-up time every time it's used. But there are some other factors I don't like about it that I'd like to think I could control with a little help.

1) It's possible to adjust the size of the lens with Intellipoint by holding down my Magnify button on my mouse and moving the moue to the sides. However, unless I move so slowly I'm effectively not moving at all, the lens shoots to its maximum or minimum size without much prompting. While I'll probably just pick a size and stick to it, this is so sloppy that I can't imagine it being intentional. Is one of my other mouse settings impacting this one?

2) The Magnifier now appears on the taskbar. Considering I only use it for a few seconds before turning it off again, that's disruptive. Is there any way I can prevent this?

3) Really, if there's any way to stem that start-up time, that would be wonderful. The old Intellipoint magnifier stalled the first time but then never again. I suppose I've gotten into a bad habit of treating the tool as a convenience I can flick on and off like a lightswitch. Is there perhaps any way to get the magnifier to run in the background (aka, have it start up with the OS) until it's needed?

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