WIN 7 (64 bit) Desktop.

Recently I have had a poweroutage. This didn't cause any "major" problems.
I had Firefox open (.exe) and another program (.exe) open.
Both of these experienced issues.

Firefox I wasn't too bothered about. The other .exe program I was.

I solved the problem by using the "compatability wizard" and ran the program from there.
Although it would not "save" in this mode, so had to keep going through the wizard when I had to use this .exe program.

As I was putting together my "uninterupted power source", I had another poweroutage !!!!

Once again I had the .exe program open.....and now I have MAJOR problems.

The program (although would not start in the normal way already) now will not start via the "compatability wizard" either.

As it was a "power outage" I initially thought, Regisrty problems or hard drive problems.

So far I have.....

Performed a System Restore to a previous date

Tried a Registry Repair (Regsofts software).

Tried an .exe registry fix program (I can forward that as an attachment if required)

Check Disk Scan and Repair

Unistalled and Reinstalled the .exe program

All have resulted in "nada" !

I have installed the .exe program on a NetBook (Win 7) and an older laptop (XP) and the program executed perfectly first time on both of those machines.

Being that I have checked the program works, checked the disk and done a registry repair....what else is there I can try ???

Or have I performed these "repairs" incorrectly ???

I am on Day Two of this problem.....and have spent 16 hours solid on trying to figure out what else I can do, so ANY and ALL help well be GREATLY APPRECIATED indeed.

P.S. The .exe program is a small data collection application that sits effectively between a data provider and a trading platform and is pretty small (in terms of what it does).

P.P.S. And I am running out of hair to pull out !!!!!


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Hi booboo and Welcome to The Forum.

What is the mystery "exe" program?

Have you tried running the installer again? Not to re-install, just to go over, or repair, the current install?

Hi there.

Its a data feed "bridge" from a FTSE data feed provider, that I use to put data into MetaTrader platform.
It can't go "direct" so I have to use this .exe (Its "small, but crucial, hence the major problem).

Yes, I have tried to "reinstall via the installer" (not "full" reinstall, so to speak).
I hit "repair".....and again the same thing.

"Windows is trying to find a solution"..... then it goes off (as it can't find one ! I pressume !)

It has really got me stumped this.

Forgot to mention, I have also scanned with MalwareBytes...and I'm clean (I did the full scan, just to make sure).

The thing is, it just appears to be this ONE program. Everything is working normally.
It was "on" when the power went out (both times), so I can only think that this outage has "corrupted" something.
...but what ? Is the big question. (and how to fix it, is the other).


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You might check the Event Viewer to see if any errors are showing up. The Action Center may have some info if you haven't checked it.

And the old standby, SFC /scannow never hurts to run a system file check. Use an Administrative Command prompt.

Are there any supporting applications or protocols, etc. the program relies on that might need repairing?

Went through the event viewer....and although a tad confusing ! I couldn't see anything "out of place" so to speak.

As for other protocols, its a "stand alone" program, there arent any other protocols involved.

I am at the point of thinking a "fresh" install maybe required !!!
But worried that it won't be fixed by that ! I mean, it should be, shouldn't it ??


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Well, you have two applications that depend on network connectivity. Perhaps they have something in common?

Have you reset your entire network, from the Broadband modem all the way to your system?

If you have a Broadband Gateway that has a battery, you might need to take it out to reboot. When my network goes completely down and will not connect, I even have to remove the Digital phone connect for the Router to be able to find it.

And you have tried cold booting your system by shutting it completely down and then reboot?

As I have tried "everything" this maybe a I am guessing the feed will be "incoming".
But I don't understand whay the program won't "work"...and then fail to pick up the "incoming feed"

I have tried it on two other computers...both on the same broadband link and the program works.

...and my broadband is Spanish, so we're not that "up on things" here ! Routers are all powered without batteries, just mains.

And I have "shut down" my system. But what do you mean by "cold booting".
And how can I do this. I will try EVERYTHING to get this working.


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This is what I would try.

Backup and data that is saved in or by the program if you can or need to.

Remove the software using Revo Uninstaller.

Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems

Reinstall the program in a totally different location from the previous one.
You want the computer to see this as a new piece of software and not pick up any errors from the previous installation.

I.e. install it simply as C:\Program Name

If a new install worked on the other two computers is seems like it should work here as well.

I've found that starting all over with a clean install that Windows doesn't try and connect with a previous installation often solves problems with software that has been corrupted in some way.

I've been doing this since Windows 3.1 and it still works.



Now this seems like so much sense.

Mike I have been tearing my hair out.....seriously.

I will get on an try this now. Hopefully it will does seem so logical.

You my friend, could be a God ! (well, a demi god, the big fella up there may get a bit hacked off if there is two of you !)

Will report back to you.



It has worked.

Well, older and wiser. And that is why, "young guns" can never beat excellent experience.

YOU have cracked it.

...and I have a HUGE smile on my face, so just have to say a MASSIVE "Thank You Mike"

I hope you find this email before bed....and have a contented "I knew it" smile on your face.

Once again did it mucker !


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Thanks for the feedback boob. Oh. Excellent shot Mike!

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Thanks for the appreciation.

I'm really glad you got it fixed.


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