Major Hang/Crash.. (Slow load when inside operating system)

Hey, i'm new here... so Hi all! and here goes...

I've been running windows 7 (beta) for a few weeks now, and ever since it's been installed, the system will experience random Lags... it's not really a crash, or a full on freeze...

an example of what happens...

I could be on msn.. and i would open internet explorer... and my eggtimer will show... (internet explorer will not run) then i'll click my msn back.. and it will go white.. and that will show as an eggtimer (sometimes it shows not responding.. othertimes it doesn't)

I can click my start menu once... after i've clicked it once.. it will freeze in place...

But i have full control of my mouse... my time in the corner still changes time, so it's not a full system freeze, it's just a really really big lag... lasting for 2 - 10 minutes at a time.

clicking control alt delete doesn't activate instantly.. this also takes 2 minutes (normally frees up when the rest of the system frees up)

Secondry problem i have is...

Somethings take a lot of time to process... moving files sometimes takes ages, installing programs seems to take forever...
It just seems like the system isn't capable of running the operating system doing simple tasks... but it's more than sufficient.

i'm running a Core2Duo E6700 running at 2.6ghz, an 8800GTX Graphics card, 3gb of ddr2 800mhz ram. with a Raptor harddrive.... even windows perfromance gives me a rating of 6.0.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

I've tried...
Updating every drivers on my system to the latest version. This has made no difference.
Currently in the middle of making a bootable disc for memtest so i can check out my memory. But this is has took 1 hour 30 to format a 7gb disk as a bootable USB stick. and it's only at 50% (example of the secondry problem i have)

Thanks for any help


*Bump* and Update...

I Done the memorytest on it, and it came back with 100% working correctly?! any suggestions guys :D?


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Hi Andy,
thanks for the update.
I see your running the beta and not the release candidate. Is there any particular reason for this?
The RC does run a whole lot better than the beta does so see if you can get a copy off a friend maybe?

I see your drivers are the latest versions, is your bios the latest update also?
Plus, did you 'upgrade or do a fresh install?
If you upgraded then a fresh install should cure many of your problems.
Finally, what speed did you burn the 7 iso at? If it was higher than 4x then this also can lead to problems...

Hey, i'm running Windows 7 Beta at the moment, as The Full version isn't released until the 22nd of october? (as far as i'm aware)

I have a copy of windows Vista, and don't plan on updating to the full version of windows 7 in the future until I can establish what the problem is (so i'll be asking someone for a copy before i buy it.)

I don't remember what speed i burned the disk at, but it was a full format/install.

I'm not running on the latest bios update, because i've had problems with the latest ones in getting my system started at all...

My motherboard and Ram (Asus Striker Extreme) and the Corsair XMS2 have compatability issuies with each other.. and on some versions of the firmware the machine won't boot at all when putting more than 2gb of ram in, this was true for the latest firmware version... At the moment the best i can get is 3 sticks of ram working in it.

Which is another reason i'm trying to determine if Windows 7 is the actual problem... If it's a problem with windows 7 which can be fixed... i'll stick with my board and ram running 3gb of it..

If not i'll be having to buy a new AM3 board, Am3 Processor, and Some ddr3 ram... which is going to be rather pricey :(.

As far as i can tell, the problems i'm experiencing seem to be some incompatability with my software and windows 7. as i've used windows XP and vista on this very same setup and i've had no problems at all with it.

More Details on my system... (full details)

Os name : Windows 7 Ultimite
Version : 6.1.7100 Build 7100
Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo - E6700, 2.66ghz
Motherboard - Asus Striker Extreme Edition
Motherboard Bios - Phoenix Technologies - Asus Striker Extreme Version 1603
Memory - 3gb Corsair Xms2 DDr2 800mhz (3 x 1gb chips)
Harddrive - WD Raptor, 150gb 10,000 rpm (primary)
Harddrive Secondry - 320gb Maxtor Diamondmax 10.
Sound - Creative Xfi - Fatal1ty FPS Pro edition
Graphics - Nvidia 8800GTX

Can't think of any other details which may be needed :D


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Yup there was a beta, then RC and with the actual release is set for 22/10/09. At the moment, unless your a technet/msdn subscriber, most are using the 'Release Candidate'. Check my screenshot and compare your version number..

Until you sort out your hardware issues it's going to be difficult for you to arrive at any sort of decision about 7.
May I suggest that you continue to use vista/xp, sort the issues out with hardware and then try 7. At least with vista/XP you know where 'the land lies' in regard to your system.
If your system can run vista, it can run 7. I would just use the stability you have in vista to fix the machine first..

Quick question :D.... how do i get that "about windows" up?

i know in all programs it's help/about but i can't see where your getting the "help" menu from :$ lol, probably something im overlooking!

*edit* found it, alt key to the rescue! lol.

Hey, i've attatched a screenshot.
It seems that i'm actually using the same version as you! Perhaps you could confirm this? highlighted the Evaluation Copy section aswel, as it seemed yours didn't have it on?




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Hi Andy,
yup it looks the same. So you are using the release candidate...

Why not re-install vista. Update the bios and sort the RAM issue (which may get sorted with the bios update?) and install 7 again?

Why not re-install vista. Update the bios and sort the RAM issue (which may get sorted with the bios update?) and install 7 again?
This is the problem i'm having.

With the updated Bios(latest version) I can only run 2 sticks of ram... a 3rd stick into the party won't even let me boot to bios. I had this problem with XP, and Vista. (3 chips runs stable on both XP and Vista with no problems)

None of the bios updates let me run 4 chips of ram.

The best i've found was 1603 and this lets me run 3 chips.


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What about if you upgraded the RAM to 2GB sticks? You'd only need 2 of them. Perhaps you either swap the old ones or use them in another project?

What about if you upgraded the RAM to 2GB sticks? You'd only need 2 of them. Perhaps you either swap the old ones or use them in another project?

Later on today, i think i'm going to unplug the 3rd stick. and see how it runs... if it has any improvement.. then i'll perhaps stick with this configuration.. will 2gb be enough for windows 7?

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