Major issues with all Internet browsers!

Hello people of this Forum!

I've had this current computer since December 18th 2011 and ever since that day, I had this issue with all browsers(Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE) that Youtube videos would be a godawful experience(Video/Screen/Player freezing for 10-60 seconds of first starting the video).

In addition to that, almost every webpage causes IE, Safari and Firefox to go "Not responding"(The window gets whited out a bit) and freeze the browser for 5-30 seconds and then resumes loading the page, this mostly happens during the page loading. Chrome on the other hand, does not go unresponsive, but just keeps loading the page for the equal time it takes to get control of the other browsers.

I've tried Updating Flash, removing Flash, tried 32-bit, 64-bit and nothing works.
Also tried Waterfox(64-bit version of Firefox), and still keeps freezing same way as 32-bit.

System specs:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution Motherboard
Intel i5-2500k @ 3.3GHz(Stock clock speeds and stock cooler)
ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II 1.5GB
Kingston 2x4GB ram 1333MHz
64GB SSD(Can't remember manufacturer)
Western Digital 1.0 TB Caviar Black 7200RPM HDD

So far I have not had ANY problems with games(Other than WoW DX11 mode doesn't approve of my conduct, getting driver crashes, but that is issue with the game). I watch Youtube videos every day and lately I've resorted to just watching them on my iPad 2 because my desktop is just awful when using a browser.

Any help to this guys? :(


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The fact that you have the issue with all Browsers clearly indicates it is NOT the Browser but something else. Most probably it might be your Firewall, or other Security program, or a combination of two or more of them colliding.

Try closing down all browsers but one PLUS all other security programs. Preferably you could start with having Internet Explorer in use, and everything else shut down. And if it doesn't work, you could uninstall it > reinstall it, and check again. If your system otherwise works fine, you're just having a controversy. You may, of course have a malware problem, but I doubt it.

Thank you for the reply.

I have F-Secure as my Anti-vitus/Firewall program. I have Windows Firewall turned off and my modem has a Firewall aswell.

I cannot test this at the moment as I'm on the road and will be back at home in 6-7 hours. I'd like more opinions as to what could be wrong with my machine if you have opinions.

Hey! I'm back at home now.

I tried turning off F-Secure, as you suggested(Closed through the program "Close and allow all traffic" option). Nothing changed though.
Here's a quick picture of my Task Manager and how it looked after I had turned my Anti-virus software back on: (It's pretty badly cut up, but still shows all processes)

Any ideas now?

I have traced down the problem myself now. The problem seems to be Flash Player. I turned off all addons for Firefox and then it was super fast(The way it should be normally) and started testing 1 addon at a time back on, when I got to Flash player, it went back to the old **** it was.

Is there a way to fix Flash player being so bad? Is there an alternative Player?

what version Flash Player is it ?

It should be the latest one, is the version of the Firefox plugin


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Glad you found the problem. Check your Java version too: Download Free Java Software

Pick the "Do I have Java?" in the middle.

Now comes the "hard" part. What is wrong with it and how to fix it? :/

there are some known problems with version 11 and audio so make sure you have the latest drivers for your sound card ?

have you tried a full unninstall then reinstall of flash ?

Do you think updating BIOS could have some effect to this? I can try re-installing Flash(64Bit) again to see if any difference. I could possibly try updating chipset?


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No, I don't think it's a BIOS issue. It's clearly in the Windows environment.

Java can be uninstalled via Control Panel / Programs and Features > Uninstall or, like I prefer, with Revo Uninstaller Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download - Uninstall software, remove programs, solve uninstall problems. You can pick the freeware, that's the one I have.

After uninstall, go to Java download, and install the latest --- BUT IN FACT, you don't need to uninstall the old, you can just take the new. It will replace the old.

Going further, a Registry check / fix might not harm. I've been using Free Window Registry Repair: a windows registry repair freeware. for several years, no problems, and I think I have gained in speed.

Like Mickey Mantle stated, It ain't over 'til it's over.:) Problems are meant to be overcome, eh?

Thanks for the reply Titanic, but the problem isn't Java, it is Flash player. I have Java 7u4 JDK and JRE installed and they work fine.

I will try the Revo Uninstaller and the Registry fix though!


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There are alternatives to Flash, Is there an alternative to Adobe Flash Player? - adobe flash alternative | Ask MetaFilter, but I must say I don't think that's the ultimate solution. I would agree with ickymay that it could be a driver issue. DriverMax has proven to be a reliable help with updates, DriverMax - free driver download program for Windows XP & Vista.

Dunno, but best wishes. :)


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You might run some of the troubleshooters in the Control Panel. There is one for audio playback and performance issues. Maybe one of them could give you some guidance.

Along with that, the Resource monitor is something you could watch to see if any strange CPU or network activity shows up during the playback? Maybe find a video you could download to see if it would work if not being streamed.

Does your Network connection seem to be OK otherwise? Does just enabling the flash player cause the problem, or do you actually have to try viewing a video?

Hey Saltgrass.

I can watch some video players fine(I watch Anime a lot, lot's of different players around the web) and all of them use Flash and all of them work perfectly. It's only Youtube player that is lagging a lot. But I still get unresponsive browser with Flash Player plugin turned on.

So in a nutshell, Flash player lags my browser and does not like the Youtube player.


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Here are a couple of links, in case you have not found them.

Adobe - Flash Player

Flash Player Help

You might also see if you can right click the YouTube video and see if it offers some troubleshooting options.

The only thing I could even imagine might be going on is some video is still trying to run, possibly corrupted and causing some problems. It would make sense that uninstalling the Flash Player would stop any such activity, but not really sure.

When I use Process Monitor to watch Firefox play a YouTube video, all I see is Firefox.exe, which seems to receive data and put it in a media cache. I do seem to see Microsoft Security Essentials checking some of the downloaded content.

I would probably start Task Manager and watch the Networking tab to see what was happening with the stream. If a drop in transfer rate coincided with the problems you have, it might be related.

Hey Saltgrass.

I did a test with the Networking Tab you suggested. I watched a YT video at 1080p and man.. lagcity... Here's the picture of how my Networking tab looked like after about 2 mins of the video playing:

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