Major PC malfunction :(


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I've got a home build PC with a FoxConn MB and 4 MB RAM using onboard sound & graphics but I've sadly got a brain block on the full spec & now can't access the machine to check it so apologies for that, as I know it makes the job harder

Basically I booted up this morning and initially it went into Win 7 fine and I opened up Firefox Outlook & Live 365 desktop as I normally would. All was fine for about 10 mins, when I noticed that Firefox was behaving strangely with the pages flashing but it was only when I realised that it wasn't just the programs but the entire screen that was acting strange that I got concerned. But, before I could shut it down, the system shut itself down (like a normal Windows shutdown) and switched off.

Hoping it was just a Windows issue, I rebooted into XP only to find that I couldn't even get access to the Login screen as the same problem occured - and the same on trying Safe mode.

SO basically at the minute, i can't access the PC other than possibly the BIOS. I can't access my hard drives either other than possibly in DOS which I'd prefer not to have to do.

I've checked all connections are seated & nothing looks overtly amiss inside so am at a loss as to a possible culprit, but something looks like it's almost shorting somewhere as when you switch on, all lights are flashing on the tower (hard drive, DVD, case lights etc) continually at points when they shouldn't be (if that makes any sense).

I'm thus presuming this is a hardware issue, but would love some help in figuring out likely suspects.

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