Windows 7 Major problem in Desktop Gadgets Gallery I sure hope can be fixed!!


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I didn't know if this was the right thread for Win. Gadget Gallery issues, but I was so frantic that I took the chance. Please, forgive me if this is categorized incorrectly.

My problem is that I cannot stick my head out the window behind my computer desk, and so I rely on the Weather program in Windows GG to tell me if it is raining or not. But, every time I shut down the system and restart, the program reverts back to "NY City" as the default location, but it doesn't seem to correlate that well with my temp/precipitation in S. Arizona for some reason. Is there some way that I can get this program to default to my city?

Any help on this vital issue is appreciated, as the Windows Support team tells me to go fly a kite, 'cause they're too busy wondering why no gamers are clamoring for their latest iteration of OS, like we did with Vista, to give support for some, to them I'm sure, petty problem with that olden Win7 platform for losers. But how can I fly a kite if I don't know if it's windy or not?!!

I'm not one for after some checking I find I'm having the same issue as well. Will do some further testing and post back.

Well apparently there is some security flaw with using the gadgets...from what I've found out is that MS has issued a statement telling users to stop using them and quit supporting them as well. This is all what I've been told and no links to said matter...


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NOOOOOOO!!1! OMG! I'll never be able to leave the house again!!

Thanks for looking into it, bassfisher. I'm not gonna turn on the oven jets just yet, 'cause I got my 680 to work right off the bat. Me happy!

Doing a quick bing search I found a lot of the prominent IT support blogs saying the same there is another security flaw in IE that allows tracking of your mouse. I've quite using IE. ...fficial&client=firefox-a&source=hp&channel=np


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The only times I've used IE is when I re-install the OS and I need IE to DL/install Chrome. I did have some problems with Chrome after the last patch, but I found out the solutions before using IE again. hehe

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