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I've been using Windows 7 for about 3 weeks now on a new computer that I put together. For some reason, in the last week I've encountered a major issue. When using explorer on the internet, seemingly at random, I will receive a message near the top of the browser that says, "Your current security settings put your computer at risk. Click here to change your setting..." and then not only do I have problems making the browser work in different ways, but if I try to open regular file folders on the computer, I am unable to do so. I have McAfee anti-virus and Malwarebytes to prevent virus issues and according to the programs, the computer is clean.

In order to make the computer work regularly again, I must restart it and even then it sometimes requires 2-3 restarts. I have also noticed that when it does happen, I also note that physical memory usage starts at that time (after hitting ctrl+alt+del) but there was never any prior use of physical memory prior to this.

If anyone knows what's going on or how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate the help!




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Open gpedit.msc as an administrator. (Type gpedit.msc in Start box)

Open Computer Configuraion | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Internet Exporer.

Scroll down to Turn off the Security Settings Check feature. -- Enable it.

This is the description:
"This policy setting turns off the Security Settings Check feature, which checks Internet Explorer security settings to determine when the settings put Internet Explorer at risk.
If you enable this policy setting, the security settings check will not be performed.

Thank you Davehc. I turned of the security settings check feature just as you recommended and I thought all was good as the problem didn't happen for two days. However, the issue has happened again twice today. I get the same message in the browser and the same functionality problems. This is really very frustrating! Any other suggestions?



Bump...still having the same issues and still can't find anyone who knows how to fix it.

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