❊ Make Firefox 4 Look Like IE9 Theme ❊


Both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 browsers are available now with each of them counting on various trends in town, like HTML5, 3D graphics, hardware acceleration etc. With the latest iteration both Microsoft and Mozilla have worked on UI to tweak it to look almost like Google Chrome browser with minimal look. The Awesome bar in Firefox 4 and the similar Address bar in IE9 along with other UI changes constitute the latest version updates.


List of Firefox 4 add-ons to clone IE9 theme :


This add-on removes the Firefox 4 Menu button on top.


The Firefox 4 Awesome bar and Search bar together constitutes the Omnibar. The Omnibar add-on features both Awesome bar and Search bar properties in a single box. Install and enable the add-on. Tweak Omnibar preferences to enable and disable features.


Stratiform extension lets you customize Firefox 4 browser UI looks. Install Stratiform and go options. Now under Toolbar select to enable IE9 Buttons, IE9 Icons, IE9 Text Fields, and the rest according to your liking. Now click on ‘Tab Bar’ and select IE9 Tabs.

Once after enabling and tweaking the aforementioned Firefox add-on extensions you can get the very same Internet Explorer 9 looks.

FIREFOX 4 IE 9.png

SOURCE: Make Firefox 4 Look Like IE9 Theme

very cool theme boss. I dont liked IE 9 but really liked its UI so this is very nice theme for me to get ie9 look on firefox

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