?Make my PC connect directly to the internet?

Hi, does any body know how to disable my pc from being the host of the network? Because my pc is the only pc in the house, and i want it to connect directly to the internet.
K, here's now my pc is connected to the internet: PC>>Network>>Internet.
What i want is: PC>>Internet. Because of this network thingy, my inernet is really slow!Anyone??


Setup a token ring network. cisco.netacad.net should have a detailed view on how to do it.

I would install 2 network cards. 1 card goes to the net and the other goes to whatever switch/router your using.

I'm sure there is an easier way togo about it all but that would be the most simple.



We all connect like dat....its coz u ve a net work card to connect to the internet..the route from pc to the broadband modem is termed as network...and it may not affect ur speed unless u ve other problms.
enjoy internet

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