Make XP boot DVD


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Hey out there. My parents Windows XP computer crashed about a week ago. Does anyone know if I can copy the Windows folder from my XP Virtual machine to a recordable DVD and then boot a computer from that DVD?


No, sorry, that will not work.


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Darn. Is there any way I could make a Windows recovery disc? The computer didn't come with a xp install cd, and my laptop doesn't have a floppy drive. I've looked online and it seems like you need a floppy drive no matter what method you use.

If you can boot the computer to safe mode + networking, go to C:\Windows\Minidump.

Copy the files in there to another folder, then zip them. Attach the zip to a post here.


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The crashed computer won't boot into safe mode, and the Minidump file is not on my laptop's XP Virtual machine.


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What is your ultimate goal? Are you just concerned with retrieving data from the drive? There are options ranging from Linux Live CD to Ultimate Boot CD, to removing the drive and attaching it to another computer to accomplish this.
If on the other hand you want to repair the install then you're going to need the install media (and the correct version, retail, OEM, etc), which is probably getting pretty scarces. If you have the Product Key from the COA on the side of the computer, you might try microsoft, they may help for a small cost for the media and a shipping charge.


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Well, what I want to do (at least temporarily) is put the files back on the hard drive. I have a bootable program that I used to recover the data, and I saved it to an external drive, then I reformatted the drive. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 on it, and it ran fine, but it wouldn't open most of my files. I could put the files on a different computer, but the different username will probably make some of the programs not work right. Also, I don't know if there are viruses on the drive.

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