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Hello everyone,

Today, I'll discuss with you the benefits of taking the time to get others work here on the site noticed. It's a simple process, I promise.
All vBulleting forums, if chosen by administrators feature a simple feature for threads, that being the ability to "rate" a thread on a 1-5 star scale. This can be used to lets others know a variety of things. For example, the creator of a tutorial receives a 4 star rating, that user now knows that somebody thought his tutorial was good, helpful, etc. The user is more likely to continue to bring great content to our site, this community.
Perhaps someone will start a discussion in our Windows 7 Discussion area comparing Windows 7 to the Windows 8 beta when it becomes publicly available. Is there factual information in the article? Misconceptions? Other useful information like beta driver links, system requirements for the beta? I think such a thread deserves a solid rating, depending on just how great the discussion turns out to be.

On other forums, I find users constantly reading threads and rating them according to their viewpoints on whatever was featured in the thread. It looks great to scroll through a section of a forum to see all kinds of ratings, it really makes me want to get involved or even just check the thread out. Over all it makes the forum look more thriving and attractive. If a thread has a low rating, I'll typically steer clear because I know the idea proposed in the thread was bad, the user was being negative, or maybe the thread was just so poorly formatted that it seemed as if a 7 year old wrote it.

I'm making this announcement for our regular users, to please take the time to rate ANY thread that you read through and think is deserving of a rating. Here's how:
On the first post of any thread, to the right side there is a "Rate This Thread" drop down dialogue. Click it, select whichever rating you'd like.
It's that simple. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will follow my suggestion and use our rating system.
Until the end of August updates, I'm your Public Relations manager, thanks for using
- Mitchell Anthony.

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