Making Winmail my default mail client

I copied Winmail from my old Vista installation onto my new Windows 7 installation.
It works fine and for me, is much better than using Windows Live Mail.
I don't want to get into a discussion about the pros and cons, but I would like some help if anyone can.
When I click on mail links on the web they should open my default mail client. This can't happen as the Windows Mail installation does not appear on the installed programs list, therefore I can't select it as my default mail client.
Does anyone know how to get around this please?


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Windows Live Mail is a replacement of Windows Mail from Windows Vista, and a replacement of Outlook Express from Windows XP. Windows Mail is not supported in Windows 7, and attempting to use it will create unintended consequences as you are now experiencing.

Since Windows Live Mail is a direct successor in terms of both programming, and design to Windows Mail, I'm not sure what significant difference you are really referencing. What is the actual question? You cannot expect compatibility for this product, nor support, in Windows 7.


Very blunt and to the point.
I almost feel that I've done something wrong lol
If there is no way to achieve what I wish to do then fair enough, there is no way.

Just because Outlook Express, or Winmail is old, does not mean people don't like it anymore.
Just because Microsoft would wish me to use Live Mail doesn't mean to say I have to use it or like it.
I am fed up of non-compatibility, and have already lost years of archived emails and had to buy an old computer to run XP in order to run Outlook Express in order to have access to my emails because neither Live Mail nor Winmail can successfully import emails from Outlook Express.

I actually dislike Winmail as I do Live Mail but I dislike Winmail slightly less.

Anyway thanks for the help, at least you've clarified the position.

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