Malware has beaten me :( Need your help, it cant beat all of us!!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by henrycomputer, Mar 24, 2011.

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    OK so I booted up my PC today and was met with a malware program called 'Windows Recovery' stating that I had lots of faults with various aspects of my PC. I could not view any files in my programs folder on the C: drive or in the 'My Documents' folder. The program was also bringing up lots of messages saying that my hard drive was faulty, my RAM was faulty etc etc. In addition all my program logos had disappeared from the start menu and all icons had disappeared from my desktop.

    I recognised it was Malware so downloaded 'Malware Bytes' and scanned. It found 10 infected files/folders and I deleted all of them as requested. I still couldnt see any files in the folders on the C: drive, and there were still no programs in my start menu, so decided to do a system restore to the 1st of March before some installs I did. This completed successfully and it fixed my desktop and all icons returned and it also got all my programs to appear in the start menu again, however I still cannot access or even SEE any of my files!!

    For example if I right click on my 'Music' folder and select properties it tells me that the folder is 29.6 GB in size, but when I open the folder all I can see is the album folders but no files, in 'My Documents' I cant see any of my existing documents anymore but the properties option tells me that its 5.6 GB in size! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :mad:

    How can i get my folders to display all my files again!?!??? Looking for someone who thinks they can help me, Henry
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    Try running a system file check to see if there are any problems there:

    Run a command prompt as administrator and enter the command:

    sfc /scannow

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