Man Eats 255 Wings for Wing Bowl Win

Man Eats 255 Wings for Wing Bowl Win

Jonathan "Super" Squibb isn't your average wing man.

The New Jersey man devoured 255 chicken wings at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center this morning to set a Wing Bowl record and take home the 2011 crown.

Squibb's meal -- estimated at 40,000 calories and 2,550 grams of fat -- won the competitive eater $20,000 in first-place prize money and a new 2011 Dodge Ram truck.

"I feel on top of the world," the 25-year-old accountant told reporters. "This was awesome."

Squibb could have his hands full next year, however. Just minutes after downing an entire Philadelphia cheese steak in 24 seconds, competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi said he plans to compete in Wing Bowl 2012.

You already know that he can down 255 chicken wings in a sitting (and not die), so here are five other facts about the eating champ.

1. He was no underdog
Coming off two consecutive Wing Bowl championships -- with wing counts of 238 and 203 -- Squibb entered this year's competition as a 2-1 odds-on favorite to emerge victorious.

2. But his Wing Bowl XVII win was a big deal
Just check out this video:

3. His girlfriend doesn't seem to mind the overeating
"He remains to stay cute, even covered in wing sauce," she told CBS News.

4. He also enjoys pizza
In 2010, Squibb took down 27 slices for a first-place finish at the Atlantic City Pizza Slaughter Fest and also became the second person to ever complete Charlotte, N.C.'s Paventi's Pizzeria "32 Inch Pizza Eating Challenge."

5. He isn't the Garden State's only great wing man
New Jersey's Bill "El Wingador" Simmons, the five-time Wing Bowl champion whom Squibb defeated by a single wing, seems humbled by the new undisputed wing champion. "He'll be the champ for a couple of more years. But this is it for me. I'm 49. I have to watch my health."

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