Man Finds His Grandfather in Don Draper's Show

Over the past four seasons, "Mad Men" has become a pop culture phenomenon, putting viewers in a martini-soaked time machine back to the golden age of the advertising industry.

But for one viewer, the show is more than a glimpse back in time -- it's a glimpse into the family photo album.

For Josh Lurie, the story starts with his late grandfather, an advertising giant who worked alongside the man believed to be the inspiration for "Mad Men."

It's been widely speculated that the show's lead character, Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm), is loosely based on Draper Daniels, a revolutionary real-life adman who made it big in the 1960s.

But there were other talented admen of the era who were power players -- even if they didn't inspire characters in the show.

Lurie, a 43-year-old entrepreneur and business development veteran based in Chappaqua, N.Y., knew that his late grandfather, Ben Laitin, had been an influential adman in his day, working for such powerhouse agencies as Young and Rubicam and Leo Burnett.

But he didn't know how much his life mirrored the show until he read an unpublished memoir his grandfather left before he died.

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