Man proposes via crossword puzzle

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    Getting down on one knee during a romantic meal or at the top of the Eiffel Tower was obviously not original enough for Corey Newman, who instead proposed to his girlfriend Marlowe Epstein using a crossword puzzle.


    Newman, 28, arranged with the Washington Post to pop the question to Epstein, 31, via the newspaper’s brainteaser.

    The clue for 51 across read: ‘Words with a certain ring to them.’

    When Ms Epstein came up with the right answer (‘Will you marry me’), Newman got down on one knee, whipped out a diamond ring and repeated the question back to her.

    Ms Epstein – whose name was given by the clues asking for the name of a role in ‘Shakespeare in Love’ role and the name of a ‘Casablanca’ screenwriter – said yes.

    The Washington Post, naturally, saw that this was a pretty good story - and so they filmed the whole thing, including the moment Epstein solved the final clue and Newman got down on one knee, and posted it on their website.

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