Mandriva Linux 2010 Beta version is now available

Discussion in 'Linux Forums' started by reghakr, Aug 23, 2009.

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    "Mandriva Linux 2010 Beta version is now available on public mirrors. This Beta version is available through
    Free version, 32 and 64 bit DVDs

    One version, KDE or GNOME (note that all languages are not yet available) One isos will be uploaded next week
    These isos are hybrid isos which means you can dump it on an USB key to instal it. Use Mandriva-seeds, it’s as easy as a click!This beta version comes with many major updates and new excuting stuff:

    PLymouth is now managing boot splash. It allows many more possibilities for design and effects. It comes also with KMS activation, which reduces screen flickering, permits smooth transitions between boot phase and X startup.

    Netprofile tool has been completely rewritten. Move your desktop without even thinking about managing your network profiles.

    Tomoyo-gui is the first GUI for Tomoyo deveopped by Mandriva engineer. A web site will be soon available to create a developer community around this project.

    KDE 4.3 reaches stable release with many improvments and stability

    G NOME 2.27.5

    Kernel 2.6.31 rc6
    Please note that final graphical design is still not available."

    Mandriva Linux 2010 beta
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    Portable Ubuntu Remix Linux On Windows

    Hey, out of curiosity I was thinking of giving this a try. If it has a "Penguin" on it, it can't be all bad. I need to make room first. Portable Ubuntu Remix

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