Manual update and annoying 'solve problem'-flag


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I don't want to automatically update Windows when there are new updates and therefor i've set Win Update to letting me know there are new updates and then manually selecting which ones i want to download. This is causing Windows to show a small flag in the system tray with a message about 'solving a problem' - the problem seems to be that i've set Win Update to manual. How do i remove this "problem" flag? I would still like to get notified when there are REAL problems though.


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The action center is divided into two section, Security and Maintenance. The message you are talking about is being generated by the Security section, so I guess Microsoft considers it a security issue for you to determine how you want to receive updates. I believe that you can safely turn off that message by simply selecting to "Turn off messages about Windows Update" in the security section, I don't believe that that will have any impact on the "Check for updates" section in the Maintenance area of the action center

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