many instances of rundll


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I looked at my task manager via Process Explorer and found about 20 instances of rundll associated with wininet.dll. I totally don't understand this.

I have researched viruses and found no traces related to the virus form of wininet.dll.

After I rebooted things look normal.

Can anyone give me a clue?


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This only happened once, or is it a recurring issue?


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no, apparently it occurs all the time but I never noticed it before because they appear under another program.

Is it that program that is spawning those things?
Why don't they close if I close the program above them?

I am getting some kind of error from that program on boot so maybe that is where I need to look.


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Can't, I'm using VIPRE. It doesn't tolerate any other program.
It already has COUNTERSPY integrated into it.
So I'm pretty sure that isn't an issue.


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Does this program have good detection rates?


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I haven't found a review on that yet. It is fairly new. Company is Sunbelt Software famous for the program CounterSpy.
It is definitely the fastest program out there with the least amount of CPU resources used. Better than ESET.
With the integration of CounterSpy I don't need to run Malwarebyte of Superantispyware.
It seems to be a little over aggressive but is easy enough to control.
Though there is one issue I am still trying to figure out.

BTW - I reinstalled the parent program on the list and so far it hasn't spawned those rundlls.
got my fingers crossed.

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