Many Problems with Vista (Winamp, Explorer, etc...)

I got my new laptop in the mail yesterday, and it has Vista installed on it. When I first booted up, I installed winamp, and added my library of music. It worked perfectly all day, and this morning, that is until I downloaded a windows update. I had to restart the computer, and winamp hasn't worked since. It just hangs right when you start it up... very frustrating.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling and with different versions, (even though it ALWAYS prompts for updates), but I get the same problem. The older versions aren't even compatible. Another weird problem I'm having occurs mainly in explorer, and mozilla, where the back/forward arrow keys get grayed out/un-clickable. What's worse is that occasionally the File/Edit/View, etc... tabs get grayed out as well, sometimes half of them. There is no reason for this, because when the back arrow gets grayed out, I can still go back if I use a keyboard shortcut (alt/left arrow key). Sometimes this happens with website links too (I couldn't compose a new email with gmail).

also, I should probably get a mouse, but whenever I type out something like this, the cursor will randomly move up, and I will end up deleting/blending a bunch of words together by accident. I think it's the touchpad, but I'm just typing normally (I had to type this whole thread out twice b/c of this)

Overall, my computer is STRUGGLING with vista, if anyone can help me, that would be awesome. my email address is

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