Windows 7 Many sound issues


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May 8, 2009
Hi guys,

I've been having some significant sound problems since installing Win7.

I have an MS-7185 motherboard with onboard sound. I have the Realtek AC'97 drivers, version I have 7.1 surround sound speakers.

There's a background sound process (SOUNDMON.exe) which I believe is attached to a RealTek/MSI sound control program, I can set surround sound settings in there, but the program crashes quite frequently, and always resets itself after I change its surround sound settings. I can use the Win7 sound properties to set my sound to 7.1, but that only works with VLC media player (everything else so far just plays in stereo).

Quite often, my system won't produce any sound at all, and I have to restart to get sound back. Programs which play sound (VLC, Media Player, iTunes, even clicking the slider on the volume control icon on the taskbar) often freeze and need to be ended in task manager.

Any ideas? Recommended drivers? Workarounds? All very much appreciated.
Are these drivers the WDM directly from Microsoft?

You may need an updated driver or a codec.

Try this link:


There is one for Windows 7 32-bit
Thanks, that's solved a lot of the issues. I still don't have surround sound for the Windows sounds and a few others, but I can live with that :)
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