Mapped drives hidden on server during Remote Desktop ... only in Windows 7

I'm normally pretty good at finding stuff on the net, with the right choice of Google search words, but this time I'm completely stumped and frustrated.

Quite simple ...

Server - Windows Server 2003 (Small Business Server, if it matters but I think its a Win 7 setting at fault myself)

Client - Windows 7

F: on client mapped to \\server\users\mickeymouse

\\server\users\ has \donaldduck, \minniemouse, \topcat in addition of course to \mickeymouse

Now, here's the problem. If log into an XP computer as mickeymouse and use Remote Desktop to access the server and if mickeymouse has the permissions to see all subfolders in \\server\users then mickeymouse can see all those folders - donald, minnie, topcat and even mickeymouse too.

However, stupidly, frustratingly, if doing the same thing via a Win 7 computer then mickeymouse can see donald, minnie, topcat BUT NOT HIMSELF ?!?!?!??! That folder, his own folder, is hidden! It can be accessed by typing the path into the address bar, but that's no good for generally going in doing the perfectly normal task for wanting to cut & paste or drag files around those folders.

I can't see how to remove or over-ride what is presumably some sort of "feature" that Microsoft thought helpful to build into Windows 7. Anyone know the answer?


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Just a shot in the dark but perhaps since \\server\users\mickeymouse is already mapped as a local resource on the client machine (F:\) from which you are Remoting from, to the server try looking at the properties of the RDP session and select the Local Resources Tab, click the more button expand "Drives" and tick the F drive.
See if that resolves the issue for you.

No, that didn't help but thanks for at least suggesting it

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