Windows 7 mapping in virtual xp mode


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my 16-bit clipper application software is installed on a dedicated win7-64 bit system-C drive. (CompA)
the .exe file is TIMELOG.EXE (clipper 16 bit file). the folder name is TIME
(since it is installed on a dedicated system, i do not need to run the software on CompA.

CompA is networked to 8 other systems (2 XP, 2 Win7-32, 1 Win2008-32, 3 Win7-64 bit)
The C: of CompA is mapped as Z: to the client systems.

this is where am i stuck
The issue is with the Win7-64 client systems.
on the 64-bit client systems, when i click on the icon on the 16-bit clipper application, it does not run.
the properties-program of the icon in the 64-bit-systems are: Cmd line:Z:\TIME\TIMELOG.EXE
Working: Z:\TIME

so, after doing some r&d, i am going to install XP-mode-virtual-pc on the win7-64 bit systems.

can i map the C: of CompA to the XP-mode-virtual Pc & designate it as Z: (after mapping)
will my 16-bit clipper application run after the mapping to the XP-mode-virtual-pc (in the 64-bit systems)
should the properties-program of the icon in the 64-bit-systems be: Cmd line:Z:\TIME\TIMELOG.EXE
Working: Z:\TIME

and secondly, where can i find & edit the CONFIG.NT file in the XP-mode-virtual-pc

thanks for reading.