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Hello All!

Well lets get right to it, I come from a mainly *nix background and generally use Windows mainly for work. So far, I have been extremely impressed with Windows 7. I do have one beef though that I have unable to find anything via the almighty google.

I have ~4 exports I would like to map on Win 7.

Sometimes, they all map fine. If I make any change to the network connection (unplug/replug) the drives persist, but upon attempting to open them via explorer I receive "an unexpected error has occurred" and an unable to map any drives again until I restart.

Sometimes, after a restart I can map one drive, and an unable to map any other due to "an unexpected error has occurred" which persists until reboot.

Hard mounts don't seem to work either (Works on *nix and VMware ESXi)

And, it is a lot slower (over wifi) than even XPSP3 to initiate file transfers (~2MBps on XP and ~1.5MBps on 7).

After the a drive is mapped and I don't use it for a period of time, explorer takes forever (forever being ~30s) to recover when attempting to recover the map.

The only error in the event logs is due to (1) which occurs every time I map a drive. Im assuming this is harmless. (Event: 16397)

Does anyone have any tips on how to configure this further to improve performance or is the the way its gonna be?

(1)I use NFS, server side is set to map all UIDs and GIDs received to map to my UID. (-mapall=me) since Win sets my UID/GID to -2 without AD to set UNIX properties.

EDIT: I have noticed 'net use' works fine even after explorer gives me the unexpected error, may very well be an explorer and not the NFS client MS provides.

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Just in case anyone else stubles upon this post, the easiest work-around I have found is to create a BATCH script since net use still works fine after explorer refuses to map the drives...I.e..
@echo off
net use G:
[repeat however many times for exports]
I have also found file locking absolutely does not work in Windows 7 since it thinks all files are locked, hence you can map a drive, but you are unable to modify anything since the OS believes the files a locked by a different process.

Hope this helps somebody else.

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