Mapping/Sharing problems in Windows 7

Hi there.

I was previously running Windows Vista and have recently upgraded to Windows 7. Previously I mapped a network drive wirelessly to a network media player with a hard drive, and shared video/music wirelessly with my Playstation 3. Immediately following the upgrade, everything was still running fine. After installing Windows Media Player 12, the network has seemed to have gone a bit haywire.

Network Media Player (NMP) - From the NMP's interface I can see the network, but not able to connect despite entering the correct password. Also, when trying to re-map the network drive in Windows, the device is not showing up. When I try to ping the relevant IP address, it is saying "Reply from Destination host unreachable".

Playstation 3 - Again in the PS3 setup, I'm having no problem connecting to the network. However, the files/folders I have set to share with everyone on the network are not being found by the PS3. It can not find any media servers. The difference with the PS3 is that I can ping to its IP and I get results back. I can connect to the internet and other Playstation services on the PS3, so I am obviously connected to some degree.

When in Windows Media Player 12, if I click Stream > More Streaming Options, neither the NMP or PS3 show up on the "Show devices on" dropdown box when "Local Networks" is chosen, but both appear when "All networks" is chosen instead.

I'm now at the stage of ripping my hair out, so any suggestions would be great.

Update - I have just actually connected my media player to my router by way of ethernet cable and, although not ideal as I would prefer wireless, I am able to map the drive now.

Still no love for my PS3, so I assume it must be something to do with the wireless settings. What could the upgrade to Windows 7 and media player 12 possibly have done to screw things up???

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