Windows Vista March 2008 Desktop Showroom


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Jun 27, 2008
Hi guys!

Post here your current desktop screenshots for March 2008...
You are free to post whether your using Vista, XP, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.

heres mine ;)

[size=xx-small](note that this is Windows XP with VTP)[/size]

now showoff your proudly desktop...CHEEERS :cool:
Small memory imprint too.
I only run at like 150 MB Running the UI and launchbar.
Compared to with a sidebar; 280 MB + with the vista sidebar; 410 MB.
simple and clean but nice :) I wonder the icons of iPhotos...what app is that btw? I think not really an iPhoto...
Vista has a lot of memory to eat than with simple xp with launchbar...I like your galss reflection skin of launchbar...I could not find like that for my RocketDock :p
It's photoshop, not iPhoto.
And as for Vista, I'm not talking about 410 MB in Vista with the sidebar, I'm saying I got the vista sidebar, and ported it to XP, and it STILL used 410 MB after boot, with nothing unneccessary running.

My launchbar is called "RKLauncher". It kicks ass.
Well, here is how my desktop is on my vista powered desktop:


btw, Vista uses around 1.12GB of memory, but that's with 2 account open, and several apps running. I can get that down to 220 or so on my laptop.
I can slim vista WAY down. But the point is, most people can't do that. They're home users, who get stuck with bloat.

Oh, and nice background. Linky?
Well, here is the link to the wallpaper here.
the_blue_master said:
excuse me i dont run crap i run rivatuner mbm avg leetsig and logitech wingman thats it and i use all of them so :p

That's crap.
Anything running in the background that isn't used the whole time it's running is crap. It also slows your system.

Nothing starts and runs in the background of my computer. Which makes it faster.
I have quite a few things that run in the background, I8kfangui, skype, eset nod32, wlm, and tor. They all start up with my PC.
I don't need an antivirus, and I have an adaptive hardware firewall.
As for the rest, if I need it, I'll start it.
to tell you the truth im not too bothered about what is running in the background i dont get much extra speed from closing everthing so im not arsed i leave it in the background cos i download a lot of stuff while im on games so i like to know im safe while im playing plus its exactly that attitude that got my computer screwed last time. all it takes is for one little shit to get lucky and your screwed

Hmm...looks your running Ubuntu, I have an Ubuntu CD but not a Live CD just installer, can I install Ubuntu without altering my Windows and maybe without 3rd-party software :whistling: just asking....
BTW I like that black Lamborghini Murciélago :p theme :)
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