Massive Problem (cant access HD)

Hello, i am having a extremely alarming problem, i can not access my external HDD!!

I had bitlocked it, which was EXTREMELY stupid, and 93% into the encryption, it decided to stop, and now it just gives me an error to keep checking the disk

i could just pause it before it had an error and access my HD just fine, now i can access it but i can go any further into my subfiles.

thing is, when a run chkdsk on drive I nothing happens. it says they are RAW files and cannot lock the drive. i can get into the HDD but then after it says

"I/O device error,

please dont tell me i gotta reformat this stupid thing
my LAST LAST LAST resort is to take it to best buy and have them rip a pretty penny out of my pocket.
i am freaking out, because all of my pictures are on there, and i am a pro photographer!!!!

i can provide screen shots of everything if u dont know the problem specifically

I am unfamiliar with bit locker but as a complete shot in the dark have you tried a program such as "power data recovery" ?

I find it's very powerful and use it a lot for recovering formatted partitions and corrupted drives and SSD's etc so I don't know but it may work the same for a bit locked drive ;)

the program freezes while scanning my hd LOL

how far does it get and has it recovered anything ?

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