Windows 7 May not have the appropriate permissions to access this item


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I just upgraded to Windows 7 *yay* but am having this error if I try to run a program in admin compatibility. (using the latest RC)
I am logged in under the only account I have, which is the admin account. Hopefully I can get this fixed, I don't want to have to downgrade =/
Same Issue

I have a Dell Precision T7400 with a Quadro 3700 Video Card, and a SAS controller. I get through the install, can power up in safe mode, but when i boot up normally, i get the stripped down UI, like if I was in win2k server or something. When I try to click on anything I get the same message you are. Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Im really confused. I installed the video driver in safe mode. But i dont know what else to check. Any suggestions?? **addition** This was a fresh install.
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