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For some reason, I just ran MBAM, even though it had only been a couple of days since I last ran it, and it found the malware shown in the screenshot:


I don't know what 4 of them are about, but trojan.banker caught my eye right away. I had MBAM delete them and am now also running a full scan with Kaspersky. The fact that the locations of these items seem to indicate that it was related to a video file, and the only videos that I have dealt with in the last couple of days were from YouTube, makes me wonder about the safety of YouTube in general. It also bothers me that the last full scan on Kaspersky was listed as being only about two hours old, and it never squawked about anything. I know that such programs are not perfect, but it seems as though it should have caught something called trojan.banker.

I have already changed the password on my bank accounts, but am wondering if I should be concerned with anything else?

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Safety of YouTube? It's relative. Not to want to indicate anything, or blame or accuse, but it's kind of finding a virgin in the Red Lights District of Amsterdam. Unlikely?

I'd say there's nothing to worry about, in true life, if you have your security programs in order. Trojan.Banker is not about your bank account,, although it can be serious. Reminds me of our discussion about XP safety - what will the safety of XP be when there are no security updates coming?

You should not have same usernames / your real name in use all over, AND you would do wisely if using or other cryptic password creator - I usually have it make 15 characters. Any password created by such a program is safer than any you create on your own. It could be like, 64 characters,


or regenerated


Not impossible to crack, as Pentagon wasn't, but surely more difficult than having your familiar ones used.

Best of all, Seeker. :) I mean it!

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