MBR Error 3 On startup


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I get the error "MBR Error 3" at the point when "Starting Acronis Loader" should be displayed. Windows then boots normally. I have Acronis 2010 Home installed on my computer.

Why is this happening and why is Acronis not loading? Maybe I should uninstall Acronis then clean all registry entries out then reinstall the software?

Does anyone have any idea's?


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Come on folks, Someone has to have an answer.... Please!

I use Acronis a lot.. probably over 10 times to make a clone in the last 2 or 3 months. I have never seen this error...

You may not have much luck here finding someone who is experienced in fixing any thrid party program (except firefox... seems a lot of people are trying to get it working right under Win 7)

Why don't you try running Msconfig and uncheck Acronis from starting up?

I would definitely run a registry optimizer.... or go back to before you installed Acronis

MBR is Master Boot Record.. there are a few commands that will fix and rebuild the master boot record.. but if you are running ok after the error I probably would leave it alone. Stopping the Acronis programs from loading at bootup should get rid of the error being displayed.

What do you use Acronis for?


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I fixed this problem today. I used the "Bootsect" Utility on the Setup DVD to repair the Master Boot Record. Then it was simple to get Acronis to load at boot.

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