MDT Woes

Hey all, hope you can help me.

I'm attempting to use MDT for deployment. I've been partially successful, but have had a lot of interruptions and keep having to restart the process. My understanding and how I hope to do it is this:

Build a reference image with items that do not install well automatically and which are not frequently updated. Capture this reference image and use it to deploy and when deploying, install applications that update frequently.

In trying to get this process to work, I've had to go through multiple iterations of my reference image. I've also tried to do things like install RSAT on my reference image so I don't have to mess with that on deployment.

My problem is that the final time I added components to my reference image, it seems to have messed it up. On deployment, it reboots to finish and wants an administrator login, which I have not set (so I don't know what it would be). When I look at monitoring, it shows it at step 52. I'm pretty frustrated because I don't know what is causing it to do this and I'm kind of stuck at this point. Could adding RSAT (or something else) be messing with it? Is my whole process wrong?

I am on MDT 2013.

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