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I'm wondering if someone here can assist me. Mainly my mother and bro advise (constantly) that I "get to meet new people", "go out", and "build my network" (well my brother says the last thing, Mom says all of them).

However, not only do I find these phrases vague but they never seem promising. I'll do something for my benefit if it's very likely I'll profit from it. Going out and building relations with people just in the hope of getting a job through them, if that's what it is my mother/bro want me to do, I not only find very demotivating but know I'd quit very fast doing if I don't get results quickly, since I find it extremely boring and would rather spend that free time doing something entertaining.

Apparently with this, you first have to build new relationships (which I find no interest in doing...and takes some time with each person. Not that I dislike people, but if getting to know someone isn't benefiting me in any way, then it's pointless. It doesn't bring me pleasure simply knowing that everyone in the world knows me). The relations also have to turn out well. Then you have to get the person to be willing to recommend or go out his/her way to make you seem like a better applicant to the employer they work (and that you wish to work) for. He/She must also remember to do this and not be lazy and keep forgetting, not to mention they must show they care about it and not seem they're just doing "that thing you wanted" otherwise the employer will simply go wtf? What was that about?

And In the end of course, it is also up to the employer to decide if such a recommendation is even helpful and making a difference.

I'll say this though. To someone like my bro who finds pleasure in doing something like this (testament to this is that he's still spending time with groups of people, mainly Muslims, doing outdoor activities and even traveling abroad, DESPITE that he's already got that good "permanent" job for about a year now. Thus of course, it is easy for someone like him to tell someone this. Mom, well she never did anything she's telling me to do so I don't know what her deal is).

By the way no, I'm not just a home person. I go out more often than otherwise. I'm a full-time student in the Fall and Spring (mainly in-person classes), and in the Summer I do a job/internship. Winter Break is the only time (1 month and 10 days) in the year I choose to just chill out.

I'm just not seeing how "going out and meeting people" is promising any better chance at getting a job of my stature than simply building my resume, job searching, doing internships/getting work experience, having good references, and becoming a good interviewee.

Building my network online-wise, well that I don't have a problem with at all. It's just that they (family members) don't have faith in this and would probably think I'm saying this just to get by. In the end, I'm choosing my life so whatever.

I'd appreciate some input still.

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Networking online is fine but coupled with a little 'real world' networking then I think your chances on realising your goals stand to be a whole lot better.
You sound committed either way so good luck for the future!

Thanks! Yeah I'm pretty eager to be successful though I want to do clear things that promise results. Maybe I'll see networking in a different light later on. If I ever do it then I hope it does me any good. Having references is the closest thing to networking IMO and I know those are always a plus.

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