Windows 7 Medal of Honor Public PC Beta - October 4th to 9th


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Grab your MREs and prepare to spend four days playing two new maps and modes for the multiplayer version of Medal of Honor! Anyone can download and play. All that is required is an EA Account when you launch the game and to accept the beta agreement.

- Shahikot Mountains
A helicopter has crashed somewhere in the Shahikot mountains. These snow covered mountain peaks, called The Valley of the Kings in the local tongue, has been a rebel hiding place since ancient times. Python 1 is inserted to investigate and look for survivors in these eerie surroundings. As they embark from their helicopter they hear the first crackling sound of a sniper rifle roll between the steep mountain sides.

- Kunar Base
The sector designated N2KL along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border is teeming with violent activity. A coalition forward operating base comes under attack as insurgents mount an aggressive assault. The remote hill top is slowly covered in smoke from constant artillery strikes as soldiers huddle in the maze like trenches.

The two games modes include:

- Combat: A team must either secure or defend 5 objectives. (Similar to BC2's RUSH game mode)

- Sector Control: Essentially capture the flag.

Coming October 4th - Grab it right away because it only runs for 4 days!



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I accidently stated it ran from the 4th to the 9th.. Turns out it was only until the 7th.

However the full game is being released in North America on the 12th, and the 15/16th in Europe.

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