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I have upgraded from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate and Media Center is not working correctly. I suspect the problem is that I had installed some add-ins to MC in Vista and they may be preventing the Win7 version from working correctly. For example the advertised NetFlix option in MC is not present. One of the problems with Media Center maintenance is there doesn't seem to be anyway to manage add-ins.

I disabled Media Center through the "Programs and Features" applet in the Control Panel and then re-enabled it, but this did not solve the problem. NetFlix is still not there.

Does anybody know to completely remove Media Center and all of the associated Registry entries and then re-install?

PS: Problem solved. See solution in replies.

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Can you find a way to uninstall the add-ins? If not can you reinstall them and try again? Do you have any control over the add ins?

Couldn't uninstall add-ins, but have solved the problem. In MC went to Tasks/Settings/General/Automatic Download Options, set that up and selected Download Now. When it had finished the Netflix tile showed up and I installed that add-in directly from MC by clicking on the tile.

All works fine now including the original add-ins from MCE Software.

I don't know whether this incident was peculiar to my upgrade or whether this is a common situation unrelated to the MCE Software add-in.

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