Windows 7 Media Center guide missing listings for one channel


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I am using Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I have a Ceton InfinityTV PCI card and yesterday I had a update to the Ceton hardware and needed to run WMC setup again. As I was setting up the guide I found one channels listing showed "No Data Available". I have tried manual updating the guide listings for two days and it does not solve this. Before I ran the Media Center setup the guide showed listing for this channel. All other channels display listings normally but not this one.
I am attaching a screenshot showing the channel with no data, The "CW" line.

What is wrong and how do I solve this problem?

I really do not want to run the setup 'again' as it takes a while to setup the guide. WMC.jpg
What is the source of your signal?

I ran into something similar when trying to setup a Windows 8 Over the Air channel guide, one channel would not show any data. The Name of the channel also showed something like XXX temporary authority...... In Windows 7 on two computers the guide was completed.

I tried changing the Zip Code, resetting the TV card (Hauppauge HRV-2250), and installing another OS. Only Windows 8 had the problem. Perhaps other changes are being made to block certain channels.

So I don't really have any suggestions...Can you view the programming if you go to the channel in Media Center?
Yes I can watch that channel, just no guide listing so I am unable to schedule a program to record although I am able to manually record a program on that channel. I really love using WMC and my computer as a DVR as programming a show to record is just so simple very much easier than a VCR used to be.

Its funny that before I ran setup again this problem did not exist. I sure hope that I don't have to run setup a third time as it takes a while to set up the channels and guide I want to watch and record.
The problem is now solved by running setup again. All channels in the guide now show all listings.

Thanks everyone for the help!:razz: