Media Center Partial Sound

Hi all. :)

I'm using RC1 build 5600. Despite my pretty old specifications, it works pretty well! Anyway, I'm finding Media Center to be amazing. All media in one place! Unfortunately, I do not get sound for the recorded TV samples, DVD playback or for the "set up speakers" test sound. The rest all works properly though. I'm at a loss to explain why that particular thing doesn't. I get no error messages or anything.

Ulead DVD player operates fine for DVD playing. But naturally, I'd rather use that as a last resort. :)

My specifications are:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+
GeForce4 MX440 (!)
Sound card I'm not totally sure of. Via AC'97 is all I know.


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VIA AC 97 Windows Vista Drivers

Its very likely your audio driver is the problem. I can't find VIA AC 97 drivers for Windows Vista, but I'm sure it will be out there. Different companies put out this same sound card but with different drivers. The second cause would be Media Center itself since its RC1

It's just annoying that I can still play DVDs with another tool. The other thing is that my sound sometimes just doesn't work altogether. Its cause seems random, but resetting will always fix the issue. Well, I'll have to upgrade in about six months... So hopefully it won't be an ongoing thing.

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